The Tearaways

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The Tearaways Trilogy is up and running with the first book out now to buy from Amazon, either digitally or in paperback.

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This site is dedicated to the trilogy and begins with book one, Catapults, Camouflage and Chaos. Nice alliteration even if I say so myself.

It’s designed to put a little more background and filler into each chapter as the cost of printing a book in colour these days is astronomical, especially if you don’t sell that many!

I wrote the story with the help of my friend Mick. The stories in each chapter are real. We actually did that stuff! Only a small bit of poetic license has occurred, so really, it’s semi-autobiographical. I think that makes the whole thing even better!

So there will be an introduction to the two boys on this page, and then for more detail about each chapter’s story, click a link on the left to go to the relevant chapter. The site will develop and grow as time moves on, to include the second and third books but also with more information about the areas and places the chapters take place. So let’s begin!

Here is a picture of the lead character (me) in his Army Cadet uniform. That’s my mum on the left.

Army Cadet

It looks like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, doesn’t it? Check out my mum’s hairdo. Bang on 1987!

There will be a picture of Mick here as soon as he gets it to me.

My kids once asked me what an iPod looked like when I was a kid. Much like this, I told them: