Chapter 2

The Golf Course

The identity of the golf course is going to remain a secret. I think that’s wise, don’t you?

Well, the boys find themselves on the course searching for balls and generally having fun at the golfers’ expense. If you’re wondering what Shotgun Pete fired at us, here’s a picture:


So, imagine rock salt coming at you very very fast. That’s what it’s like!

If you’ve never set foot on a golf course, here is a simple image, to give you an idea:


How beautiful is this? Everyone who plays golf loves not only the challenge of hitting a small ball 400 yards and getting it into a little cup, but also the exquisite surroundings on most golf courses in the UK. Many trees and other flora surround you as you walk down the fairway. If you’re lucky, you might also catch a glimpse of a red kite, or buzzard flying overhead. Sometimes deer walk around the courses we play today too.

A map of the golf course (fictional, obviously) you see in the book can be seen here, with arrows pointing out how the four boys entered and left it on foot.



Doesn’t look quite as impressive in this format, does it? But imagine 18 holes like the image above this one, and you’ll get a better idea of how serene it can be walking around the course on a Sunday morning.

It’s no wonder the golfers in the book were so angry when the boys did what they did. It upset their equilibrium. Messed up their chi energy…

If you’ve read the book and have got this far, then you know the boys had the option to run down this path:


It leads to Gypsy Lane at the bottom of Kingswood Drive and from here, the boys had many ways in which to evade capture. If they turned right and went back up the hill, they would see these houses lining the Drive:


A bit too far away? At least it gives you a perspective on what the boys had to endure in order to keep their lives filled with danger and excitement!

This page will continue to grow, but as you sit there reading this, you might as well check out the next chapter.