Chapter 5

Arlesey Pits

The boys needed to let their hair down again and this time, they decided to go swimming with their other friends. The pits are rather nice and they loved swimming in them. Here’s an image. You could also go to Google Maps and check them out for yourself.

Arlesey Pitts

But before they set off for the Pits, Mick had a go with a new BB gun. If you’ve never seen one before, this is what you can buy in America:


How awesome is that! It fires small round plastic pellets and although they don’t really hurt when they hit you, they could do some damage if they hit you in the eye.

The boys cycle up to the Arlesey Pits on their 1980’s bikes. I’m going to assume that if you’re a teenager these days, you will be used to some fantastic bikes. Nothing like the ancient instruments we had to endure in the 80’s. For example, Mick had a Bomber, and a BMX Mongoose. I had a Chopper once. Here are a few photos.



BMX Mongoose

I think Mick liked the Mongoose because it matched his fluorescent socks! And this is the hill we climbed every time we went to the lagoon:

Wilbury Hill

So when Edd gets to the bottom of the hill, he sees the next image. It doesn’t look too hard on camera, but trust me: it’s a steep one!

Wilbury Hill2

The boys push on about another two miles from the top of the hill, which is a good cycle ride in itself, but an absolute killer once you’ve just completed the uphill struggle above. They eventually reach this gate. The dirt road to the lagoon is right there.


You can see the Blue Lagoon in the first image above, so here is a perspective image for you. When the police are chasing the four boys, they have to decide if they are going to traverse this field in order to escape to the Hitchin Industrial Estate at Wilbury Way.

Wilbury Fields2

The Industrial Estate is on the bottom left. The picnic area and pub are on the top right. The fields are huge. You can just see the train track on the left too. The road just right of the middle is the hill from the above images. You can see the beginning of Letchworth on the right too.

If you’re still up for it, check out the next chapter to find out how the book ends. Or not!

Wilbury Hill